New Words Part 2

Inconnu (Stranger) – She wondered how she could fall for someone who is a complete inconnu to her.

Hortatory  (encouraging) – it was his constant hortatory guidance that led her shine.

Saporific (imparting flavor) – Coriander leaves are used for its saporific values.




Caterpillar – Learn New Word

Meaning: Caterpillar – a person who preys on others; extortioner.

Usage: She didn’t want a caterpillar for a husband.

Discover Your Superpower


You discover your super power when you do not break in the face of extreme challenges in your life. One such event took place few years ago when immediately after a devastating personal experience I was asked by my employer to travel onsite to complete a project which was on fire. I had just one month time to accomplish the task. It was a do or die situation  so I had to travel all alone to a completely new foreign location out of the country for the first time in my life. My boss and my family both were skeptical whether I would be able to do it. But I was self assured and more happy on the prospect of travelling. I traveled alone and reached in the evening, no one came to pick me up at the airport. I took a cab and went to the hotel, scared but praying. From next day onward I was supposed to join office. The Manager was doubtful about my capability to complete the task. But I  asked him not to worry. I joined office. I completed the task of 3 months in a months time and befriended all at office so much so that they were ready to extend their support to accomplish the task. They looked at me as this wonder girl who comes all the way from India all alone and works like magic and completes a colossal task and all too with a smile. I toured the entire city all alone. Learned to live a completely independent life by doing my own grocery, cooking my own food, doing the laundry, learning the new routes and figuring out the public transport to reach places.Finally I felt like a superpower when the client came and thanked me personally. I flew back home with a smile.


Comity means maintaining mutual courtesy.

Let us be civil and maintain comity as old friends. The differences in opinion should not spoil the respect for each other.IMG_20150319_125304832


Some new words

obviate – he always came across as someone who would obviate any contingencies in the project and help take it forward.

eldritch – after the actress revealed her multiple relationships with multiple people, people found her somewhat eldritch.

cunctator – she was known as the eternal cunctator to her peers.

quaff – they were found quaffing drinks in some uptown bar at the end of the day.

margaritaceuos – he was swayed by her margaritaceous beauty.

snuggery – just trying to find a snuggery in this world.

jeremiad – she was tired of the jeremiad in her life.

prink – he said, “stop prinking and go sit in the waiting car”.

Passel – a group

If you have a passel of friends then chances of you getting bored is rare. Some friends can be for natter, some for shopping and movie-watching, some for discussions on important matters of life.